The Forecast of advertisement spending in 20112010. 12. 11.

An estimated advertising spending was published by the Magna Global. According to the forecast of media agency’s organization, the advertising spending in 2011 going beyond the expectations may exceed also the 5 percent. The pulling region will be the Far-East.

An updated estimate of global advertising spending was issued by Magna Global, the organization of IPG Mediabrands. The forecast was designed along a comprehensive model which contains data from more than 60 countries between the period of 1999 and 2016. According to their estimation the worldwide advertising spending will grow with 5.4 per cent in 2011. This will be a total of 412 billion U.S. dollars in addition, without changes in rate.

Better than was thought

The expected growth is more than the 4.2 percent expectation previously published by Magna. The growth would exceed the preliminary estimation also this year as the Agency’s organization first predicted 5.6 percent but now it is estimated at 6.9 per cent growth for this year.

However it is a great the difference between each national market. In most countries will increase spending, in this Argentina, India and China will be on the top while the smaller part of the markets such as Greece, Croatia and Ireland is fighting with a conflict and declining advertising sector.

The long-term growth rates have also improved. According to Magna till 2016, the global industry average annual growth rate is 6.3 percent where the each year’s estimates mostly significantly have improved – with more than half a percent – compared to published data in 2010. June.

Source: kreatí 2010.12.07.

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