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Campaign planning, management

  • According to the previously requested and provided information we are planning one or more potential solutions for our clients.
  • We will determine together what tasks will be carried out by our agency.
  • We assess for our advertisers which target group, when, with which media channels and in which kind of environment can be achieved with most cost effectively. In light of the specified advertisement budget and individual needs we can provide a tender for approval.
  • Graphics support, product or visual shooting

    For request we can provide creative ideas and prepare the creative design. These costs can be calculated by the materials used. The quality of design reflects confidence to costumers and users!

  • Manufacturing and other production assistance

    • Our company has reliable and proven both printing and production background.
      1. Production of billboard and city light poster regardless of volume
      2. Production and placement of building net and the Molino
      3. Production and bonding (on vehicles, on glass surfaces) adhesive (vinyl), glass adhesive (one way vision) vignettes
      4. Design, manufacture, installation of specific panels and tools
      5. Manufacture and supply with advertising other promotional tools (e.g. advertising bottles, air dance)
  • Monitoring, assessment and evaluation

  • ÓriásplakátFor request, when the plans will be ready, we can also provide information about the impact assessment of the campaign during the promotional period or at the end of the communication campaign. In this a number of outdoor media programs and statistical data assist us. (Szonda Ipsos, Poster Test, Outdoor Media Audit). The correct measure of an advertising campaign can be set long-term orientations.