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Being an online firm but now exceptionally we had to start also an offline campaign for our innovative cosmetic products. As we haven’t had experiences in offline marketing, we asked a lot of offers from different media agencies. Finally, we decided well choosing Közterületi Média because they provided complex solutions from the graphic design, the production to the selection of the best advertising spaces. Our trust was repay with an excellent price / value rate offer, with customer-oriented approach and with professionalism.

Judit Tárczy, Executive Director


In the current economic situation, for nobody is the same what kind of partners working together. We are lucky, because in recent years in we found what we need: the fast, accurate and fair offers and services. And this is nothing more than the key to a successful campaign.

Judit Szalai, Ivanics Group


Working with Közterületi Média we found the best prices and services in this market segment. With their expertise we always get the best locations for advertising, even below market price!

M. Erika, cégvezető


Usually our larger campaigns are backed up with billboards, because it’s absolutely not the same how many people get our message. The feedbacks are good, our outdoor campaigns are successful. Perhaps you also have seen some of our billboards.

K. Boldizsár, Marketing Consultant


Being a small company we had to find the best possible value for money advertising surfaces to accomplish successful offline campaigns. The campaigns were successful because we received more orders from people walking on the street.

K. András, Managing Director


As event organizer we continuously need advertising spaces from Budapest and from the city centre which brings us to everyone. These surfaces are very expensive, but with Közterületi Média we could reduce some % from the list price.

Z. István, Event Organizer


I like working with Közterületi Média because they always help us finding the precious and even free advertising places and they work also with fair prices so I can highly recommend them.

T. Róbert, Marketing Director


The possibilities of the Hungarian cinemas are limited and we are also not exception to this. Therefore it was important to find us a strategic partner such as Közterületi Média. Since we regularly introduce the posters of the new films on advertising column, the previously declining attendance now has a small growth.

R. Sándor, Owner