These LEGO Outdoor Ads Blend Imagination and Reality2012. 06. 02.

While I expect nothing less from an imagination-infused toy company, these LEGO outdoor ads are incredible. We pass by hundreds of billboards and advertisements each day; some make us laugh and others are informative, but most just blend into the background. Very few are capable of taking you back in time and handing you a whole new way of looking at the world.

These billboard images built from the megablocks fit like a puzzle piece into the city street backdrop against which they are placed. The only difference between the image on the ad and the real street is the life-sized fantastical LEGO creatures that have magically appeared. Fresh and interesting advertising like this is hard to come by, but the folks at LEGO have done it again.

Implications – Advertisements often fit into specific categories: fantastical, interactive, humoristic or informative. The most effective ads are ones that incorporate all of these elements to create interactive campaigns that are infused with humor and straddle the line between fantasy and reality.



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