10 of the Most Creative Billboard Designs2014. 01. 12.

Even with digital advertising revenues and market shares continuing to grow, billboard (or Out of Home / OOH) advertising is still big business, claiming 10% of advertising’s market share in 2013 and pulling in just under £1 billion in the UK alone. Because of this, it’s a hugely competitive market and advertisers are constantly seeking unique was of attracting the public’s eye. Here, we put together 10 of the most creative ways advertisers have achieved this over recent years.

The Economist: The Lightbulb (Above)

Conceived by UK-based creative advertising and brand management agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBD, this “less is more” billboard featured a lightbulb fitted with electronic motion sensors, meaning it only turned on when someone walked directly beneath it. The only words on the billboard simply read “The Economist”.

British Airways: Look Up

Unveiled in late 2013, this incredibly clever campaign from British Airways was designed by the Ogilvy Group UK and uses surveillance technology to track the flights, allowing a child to point up to the planes as they go over the billboard in realtime. Speaking about the campaign, BA’s head of marketing Abigail Comber said: “This is a first, not just for British Airways but for UK advertising.”

Adidas: EuroCup 2008

To celebrate the opening of EuroCup 2008, adidas worked alongside advertising agency TBWA to install a truly unmissable eight-armed version of Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech on the main tourist attraction in Vienna, making clever use of the rotating ferris wheel.

Nationwide Insurance: Life Comes At You Fast

While the message of this advert might not be immediately clear (it’s for insurance, not paint), we have to applaud the lengths the advertising agency have gone to to catch people’s attention.

Nike: Free Flyknit

Developed by longtime Nike collaborators Wieden + Kennedy, this campaign saw a real-time billboard in Shanghai get fully knitted by a team of four professionals to mimic the “flyknit” process. It took them 10 days and, by the end, the bare foot was completely covered by the sneaker.

BBC World: See Both Sides of the Story

Produced by advertising agency BBDO New York, this campaign for the BBC made great use of corner billboard placements, showing two different tales of the same situation.

Nike Running

This transparent billboard from Nike encourages runners to smash through the wall (the “wall” being the feeling runners experience when they feel like their body can’t go any further).

Anando Milk

This campaign for Anando Milk was developed by agency McCann Erickson in Mumbai, India, and emphasises how strong a child can grow if they have a healthy amount of milk in their diet.

Berger Paint

Also developed by Indian agency JWT Mumbai, this billboard advertises the paint company’s range of natural colours by cutting out section of the poster, making it seem like the colour the man is painting is the exact same colour as the sky at any given time.

Nike: Ready for your :45?

Unveiled in Toronto, Canada, this barge trailer billboard was conceived by advertising agency Taxi and promotes Nike’s hockey ranges.

Source: huhmagazine.co.uk

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