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  • Tropicana giving away free orange juice in digital billboard campaign 2016. 04. 30.

    Drink brand Tropicana has unveiled a 5m-tall digital billboard at Westfield, London, dispensing free orange juice. The outdoor campaign is to promote Tropicana’s ‘Little Glass’ proposition, and aims to educate consumers about the health benefits ‘of consuming just 150ml of 100% orange juice each day’.

  • Six Steps To Making a Great Billboard Ad 2016. 03. 14.

    Billboards are everywhere. We probably see hundreds of billboard ads every single week, but remember just a handful. With outdoor advertising upping the stakes and becoming increasingly more competitive, plus digital advertising becoming the medium of choice, it’s important to know how to make your advertising count. But, it can still be an incredibly effective branding tool.

  • Apple TV Billboard Campaign Begins Featuring Content Including ‘The Simpsons’ 2015. 12. 10.

    Apple continues to ramp up promotion of the new Apple TV, building on its series of advertisements focusing on the television shows and games available to users on the set-top box.

  • Hungary’s poster war on immigration 2015. 06. 19.

    “If you come to Hungary,” reads a giant roadside billboard, “don’t take the jobs of Hungarians!” The billboards have been ordered by the government, at taxpayers’ expense, and are going up all over the country.

  • Live Travel Billboards 2014. 05. 15.

    To prove that you can book a trip for the price of dinner at a restaurant, travel booking website Transavia staged ‘The Takeoff’ to go with one of its big billboards in Paris.

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